Archetypal Analysis of Brave New World

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I’m back again writing in my blog, and I have recently been reading a book called “Brave New World”. I’m only about halfway done this novel, and in the beginning it was a bit confusing to understand the book, but after reading a little bit more I can certainly say it has been a great read so far, and I cannot wait to read the rest of the novel. I recently read a book called “The Handmaid’s Tale”, in my english class this year as my ISP novel. Once reading Brave New World I realized they are very similar to the extent of how they are both set in the future and have very different ways of life. It was a great book, and I recommend it to anyone who likes these types of books!

When I look at Archetypal within the Brave New World, I can see different types so far in the first half of the book. The main one and most obvious that I have noticed so far is the Seeker Archetype. It is probably the most difficult archetype to define, but I noticed this one right away. The seeker archetype is defined as: “looking for a thing, a feeling, a knowing, an experience called truth”.  Once reading the book, I came to the conclusion that the character John matched all these criteria, and is the Seeker in the book. John is seen to be looking for the truth, and is in search of help. John is looking for the feeling of being with someone and not being alone like he currently is, and then he gets in contact with Bernard Marx. John and his mother have been raised and grew up on the reservation, which have lead to John always looking for a certain feeling and truth that he has never come to experience in his life before. Then, John and his mother, get to finally leave their reservation, and get to move and live in civilization. This is the feeling that John has been yearning for as the seeker, and it is finally fulfilled for him and his mother. Overall John is the seeker and he is on the journey to find help and the truth for himself.

A picture of John from the novel, and some information about him


Another Archetype that I noticed so far in the book is the Orphan Archetype. This defines as “The Orphan archetype is a transitional figure from innocent acceptance of the world and authority (the Innocent) to active engagement with life’s journey (the Warrior or Hero)”. Once again John represents this archetype in the book. In the picture above, it mentions how John is white and is raised on the reservation. The fact that he is white is a very important fact, and needs to be looked into more with this archetypal. Orphans are often seen to be trying to fit in and had John had to try and fit in the reservation growing up. The problem was that he was white, while all the other kids were not white on the reserve. He was seen as an outcast on the reservation, and this caused John many problems, resulting in him developing independence very early on in his life, which is another sign of the Orphan Archetype. Orphans are often seen in society as outcasts, and without a strong family support they are forced to rely on nobody but themselves, which strengthens their independence especially early on, which is something John shows us in the novel.

Linda, John’s mother is seen as John’s only sense of hope and closure.

The last Archetype that I came to see in the novel so far is the God/Creator Archetype. There is a new character I felt best represents this one, and his name is Mustapha Mond. In the book he shows us off he controls basically the whole society, as he is one of the ten World Controllers. The World Controllers control the people by getting in their heads, and manipulating them to believe in anything he tells them. He makes certain people think they are greater than the other groups, and he uses manipulation to control the people of the society. He brainwashes them to believe certain things, not allowing them to think and believe freely. He is seen as “the god” or “creator”, as he controls everything that happens in the novel.

Cover of the Novel 

Overall, there were many Archetypes in the novel that I managed to identify so far. John was the character I managed to connect these types with the most, and so far is one of the main characters in my opinion. I look forward to reading more, and finding out what John does in the new civilization he and his mother are placed in.

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